Riff Crew

Standard Operating Terms (for filming)

The Riff Crew is not hired or commissioned to shoot live music events. By standard we operate in a professional but non-commercial capacity.

Executive Summary:

Standard Terms:
  1. An event is confirmed. The work sheet is provided to the Riff Crew.
  2. The band/management assist in co-ordinating logistics with relevant event staff.
  3. Riff Crew film the event - the is no fee for filming the event.
  4. Post-show, audio stems can be provided to the band to prepare a mix (48kHz).
  5. Riff Crew will edit the show footage. No ETA is provided.
  6. Once edited, a preview copy will be made available to the band.
  7. The band approves footage for publication (or not). No approval - no release.
  8. If the whole set is approved, a clip and raw footage can be provided to the band.
  9. Approved footage enters the Riff Crew "library" for online use by Riff Crew.
  10. Clips may be published by third parties (eg. promoters) with band approval.

Audio Technical Specifications

Video Technical Specifications

Standard Workflow Specifications